Craftsmanship that endures the rigors of the sport

Quality tack, is the manifestation of my unending passion for the sport and culture of polo

Polo Saddles

polo-saddles-flGray’s Polo Equipment, originally founded by William Gray, is a specialized saddlery that has supplied and serviced the sport of polo since 1928. Gray’s was the first company to bring the making of custom polo mallets to the United States. The Gray’s polo saddle has been our specialty and has set the standard for many other polo saddles. When it comes to polo bridles and bits, only the highest quality workmanship and English bridle leather are able to safely withstand the stress and abuse the sport of polo puts on the equipment.

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Polo Mallets


Gray’s Polo Mallets are made custom to the player’s specs according to weight, flexibility and stiffness. Whether for outdoor or arena polo, Gray’s Polo personalizes Polo Mallets with the player’s initials and color choice for tips and stripes.

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Gray’s Polo Bridles are made of English Bridle and Rein Leather and are all hand-sewn with a few exceptions. Each piece is measured to fit horses used explicitly for polo, to prevent any necessity for punching any extra holes in the equipment.

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